Optimize your Marketing

It's time to get your brand's messaging right

Certified as a StoryBrand Guide, at Resonate we always start with your message. Words sell, but only if they are articulated clearly.

We'll start by optimizing your message using the proven StoryBrand Framework, where the customer is the hero of the story, and your business is the guide helping them solve their problems.

This process typically involves Zoom calls with you and your team. We may even interview some of your customers, to better understand their story and their problems.

We'll build a BrandScript and a One Liner, which will focus all your marketing efforts, whether it's a website, e-mails, paid ads, or social media.

  • Optimize your message

  • Reach new customers

  • Grow your business

Not sure where to start? Here's our most popular services

Level Up Your Marketing


Essential brand messaging kit to optimize your website messaging and focus your branding and marketing collateral. Typically takes one to two weeks.

But always begins with a FREE inquiry consultation.
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  • We'll begin with 3 Staff and/or Customer Interviews to learn about the problems your customers are looking to you to solve
  • Focus your brand around an effective One Liner
  • Complete a Brand Script that focuses your messaging on the customer and how your product or service solves their problems
  • Once the new brand messaging is complete, we will compile a Marketing Playbook with suggestions for how to use your new messaging in all your marketing collateral
  • Add Ons Available: Apply new messaging to your Product Pages or your entire website
  • Add Ons Available: You can give your new website wireframe to your current web developer, or you can have us build the site for you


This is the ultimate marketing package for a small business. If you don't have your own marketing team, we will build the foundation, and can keep everything running smoothly with retainer options.This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to launch or optimize the online side of your small business.

Typically takes two months.

And always begins with a FREE inquiry consultation.
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  • Everything in the Starter Branding Kit
  • Everything in the Essential Marketing Funnel
  • Includes a Complete Website from the ground up, both messaging and design
  • Includes a customized Social Media Strategy and marketing plan
  • Includes a customized Email Strategy and marketing plan
  • Add Ons Available: Retainer options for on-going content creation, analysis, or marketing consultation

Our Services

Once your message is optimized with the StoryBrand Framework, there are many strategies you might implement, depending on your needs. Pricing varies depending on the nature and scope of the project.


Whether it's the wireframe of your website's content, or the entire design, we are your one-stop shop.

Sales Funnels

Lead generators, email campaigns, social media, and paid ads. We'll produce a strategy optimized for your business and your customers.


If you've already got these things in place, but know they could be improved, book us for one hour or full day consultation, focused on optimizing your marketing.